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Settling in Period

Settling into nursery life is a process we attach enormous importance to. Each child is allocated a Key Person who establishes a special bond and attachment with your child.


Home Visit:

Your Key Person and Setting Manager will visit you at home before you start. This will allow time to for your child to get to know their key person and begin the bonding process.  You will be given a copy of our “settling in tips”.


Settling in Visit:

You will visit the nursery for one hour with your child so they can get a feel of nursery life with you present and the Key Person can continue to establish the bond with your child.


The First Day:

Your child’s first day at the nursery will be a short one. From then on, your Key Person will work with you to establish how to continue the process.  Every child is unique and this is reflected in how we settle them in. 

Children thrive at this friendly and welcoming setting. They arrive happy and full of enthusiasm to begin their day. Children benefit from a thoughtfully planned settling-in process, which includes a home visit from their key person. This helps children to develop strong relationships with staff right from the start. They demonstrate that they feel happy and secure as they confidently lead their own learning, make choices and interact with others.

Ofsted Inspector - 2022

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